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Chris' trip to Corpus Christi - October 2013  

My name is Chris Peltier and this is my story about my trip to Corpus Christi Texas in October 2013 to pay my respects to Selena.

First about me. When I was in 2nd grade the Doctors found that I wasn't producing growth hormones like I was supposed too. I was shorter and scrawnier than the other kids. Needless to say I was constantly picked on. So I asked Mom and Dad to put me in Self Defense classes so I could gain confidence and protect myself. I was classically trained in Self Defense from 2nd grade until 9th grade, then I wrestled all 4 years in high school and continued Self Defense training still to this day.

What does this have to do with Selena?

I was supposed to join the Air Force in March of 1995, but the hearing equipment failed and I wasn't able to join until May of 1995. Had I been able to join in March of 1995, I maybe could have saved Selena.

I'm tired of people telling me "There's nothing I could have done," but we'll never know as I wasn't there.  I've carried this burden with me since that tragic day and I wasn't there to protect her and I've never gotten over it.

So I hopped in my car and drove over 2000 miles round trip to pay my respects to Selena and tell her I'm so sorry I wasn't there to save her life.  I'm sorry to her family and her friends and all her fans...

My trip to Corpus Christi was breathtaking and emotional. I saw where she is buried and I cried. I saw the Days Inn room where she was shot and got emotional.

I saw her and Chris's home.

I saw the Memorial Statue.

Then I saw the Q-Productions museum and that created a lot of emotions. Her outfits, awards, her red Porche. There was a gentleman there (out of respect for him I will not say his name) who knew my story and gave me a separate private tour. I got to see the letters SELENA that were used in the Selena movie and at her last concert.

Ultimately I got to see and stand in the exact room where Selena recorded "I Could Fall In Love' and "Dreaming Of You".

I was standing in the EXACT spot that Selena was standing 18 years ago and I lost it. I cried as I could not believe this was happening to me.. I was so grateful for what that gentleman did for me and I will FOREVER be grateful.

Although I didn't get to meet Suzette or Abraham, it was a much needed trip and I'm able to put a little bit of closure on what happened on March 31st, 1995.

Selena, I love you and I miss you. And to anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.


Chris Peltier




Selena sign from The Last Concert and Selena movie

Me standing in from of the Selena sign

Q Productions

Selena's Porsche

Wider shot of Selena's Porsche

Selena outfit

Selena's Grammy

Selena holding her Grammy

BMI Wall

Selena memories

Selena outfits

Selena outfits

Selena outfits

More Selena outfits

Selena Queen of Fashion

Selena - a wonderful life

Recording Room - Me in front of Selena picture

Piano in Recording Room

Mirador De La Flor


The Selena Memorial

A White Rose

Plaque at Selena Memorial

Overlook of the Flower

Selena's house

Seaside Memorial Park

Selena's Final Resting Spot

Selena's grave

Forever Loved, Forever Remembered

Plaque at her gravesite

The Days in Inn

Where the music stopped

If I could turn back time...