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Jason and Martha's trip to Corpus Christi - May 2017  

My wife and I take a yearly vacation somewhere usually every year and I have always wanted to travel to Texas.

Martha, my wife, was born in Mexico so she stopped in Texas several times in her life.

Both of us are Selena fans.

I also never been to a beach before in my life so she felt like a beach vacation was in order.

I knew Corpus Christi was a beach town so I suggested to go there and while there check out the Selena sites too.

So in May 2017, we drove the 18 hour drive from Kentucky to Corpus Christi.

We arrived on a Monday afternoon and on Tuesday morning decided that was the day to see everything Selena.

First stop was the statue, then the grave, and then the museum.

When we got at the museum my wife commented that it looked rather small and I agreed but when we got inside we soon realized just how much is in there. Besides a museum of personal items it also is a recording studio with a stage for live performances. Neither of us knew that before we got there. While there Abraham Quintanilla walked up to the small group of visitors we were in and said he wanted to give us a personal tour of the place. Wow, how lucky!

He showed us the recording equipment, a video of Isabel Marie (a new Tejano artist), and the stage where live performances are held. He asked where everyone was from and took questions from the group. It was so great to have such an up close and personal time with Selena's dad.

We were told he doesn't do that kind of thing with every group of visitors so we were at the right place at the right time. Before we left, Mr. Quintanilla recommended a nice little restaurant to dine in called Hi Ho Restaurant. So we ate there twice during our week stay.

We are so glad we went to Corpus Christi. We had a great time!

- Jason


Selena Statue

Jason and Martha

Selena Final Resting Place

Jason and Selena

Selena's car

In the museum

Always missed.

Corpus Christi sunset