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Karla's trip to Corpus Christi - September 2010  

Ever since I was very little I could remember dancing and singing to Selena's music. My mother had a tape she would play of Selena's songs and as I remember my favorite song to dance to was Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. I use to tie my shirt at my waist like she use to and dance like her.  I was a fan since I could remember.

Since I was little, I did not know about her death and so when the movie came out when I was six I fell even more in love with Selena and her music. The movie is to this day my favorite movie and one that while growing up I use to repeatedly watch. I always cried at the end of it and saved any pictures or magazines of her while I was growing up.

Selena became a big inspiration to me -- someone that I wanted to be like as I got older.

One of my most desired things I wanted to do was to go to Corpus Christi and visit her Statue, Museum, and Grave Site. My parents had planned a trip to go to Corpus Christi and take my sister, friend, and I to go see the things we wanted to see.

I live in Houston so it took a four hour trip to get to Corpus along our way we were listening to all of Selena's music. My first though once we got there was, that it is a beautiful place and I would like to live here some day. We arrived around 11 pm.  We checked into our hotel and decided to visit everything the following day.

It was a Saturday morning and we all started to get ready for an exciting day!

The first stop we made was at the beach.  It looked beautiful and it was very windy.  We all took some pictures there. After-wards we decided to start looking for Selena's grave-site.  It took us some time because we got a little lost but we managed to find it.

When we arrived there I felt this nervous, exciting, and sad feeling. I had always wanted to visit her grave-site and I was finally there! Her grave-site is beautiful -- full of people's memories and love for her. I had a knot at my throat almost wanting to cry. I was so happy to be there and I just took a while and stood there admiring her grave-site. I didn't want to leave.  It was like you could feel her presence there.

We then went to see her statue by the beach, "Mirador de la Flor". The statue looked so much like her and the way they did everything for her was beautiful. I had fun there because we all took pictures and walked around and admired the paintings done from Texas children it was called, "Paseo De La Flor".

Many others were also there visiting and taking pictures and it is a beautiful thing to me to see others still admiring her and remembering her to this day. Right there in front of her statue we rented a small boat and rode around on the beach.

Our last stop we wanted to make was to go visit her Mmuseum sadly it was closed and that really bummed me out because I was looking forward to going inside and seeing what they had in there. All I could see from outside was a painting on one of the outside walls of the museum. Someone was also there taking pictures of the museum and told us that they did not open on the weekends.

I did see her bus "Big Bertha" outside of the museum as well. Even though I did not get the chance to go in I still felt very happy just being there and seeing the bus she use to travel in. I know the next time I go that will be the first place I go see.

Visiting all these events was one of the best trips I have ever made.  I love Selena for the person she was and her music.

You could connect to her by listening to her music and I feel happy when I do. I love watching her old concerts and videos it just shows how much of a wonderful person she was inside and out.

She will always be to me my favorite singer and someone I will always look up to!

-Karla Aguirre



Mirador de la Flor

Paseo de la Flor

Paseo de la Flor Paintings

Selena Remembered

Selena's Beautiful Statue

Selena's Grave

Selena's Grave

Selena's Memorial Plaque

Gone Far Too Soon

Big Bertha

My fun boat ride

Outside the Selena Museum

Selena's Museum

A portrait of Selena holding her Grammy

A bridge in Corpus Christi I love to pass