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Lauren's trip to Corpus Christi - Sept. 29, Oct. 1 & 2, 2016   

I've been wanting to go to Corpus Christi for a while now. So when I heard my girl, Selena, was having her MAC makeup launch in her hometown I knew I had to be there for that.

My girlfriend, Maya, agreed to be my road buddy and joined me for a three day adventure to Corpus Christi, Texas.  We left Baton Rouge, LA at 9:30 am and took the seven and half hour drive to get there. The ride was long but exciting, when we finally arrived I was so surprised to see how big and beautiful of a town it really was.

Our first stop before we looked for a hotel or anything was the Mirador de la Flor.  We walked the long bay front walk to get to it, and when I she was in my sight the butterflies started Its nothing like in the pictures.  It's big and beautiful and so touching to know that's for her.  You can't touch the statue because of the railing but it sure felt good to see it in person.

We walked down the steps to see the mural the children painted of the roses down below her memorial, again it's better then the pictures.  Just to know little children in Texas painted that for her is so touching and wonderful.

We took that time to hang out by the statue and look for a hotel.  I called a couple that Google had provided for me in my price range, I called around and finally settled on the Knights Inn on navigation.  It took about 15 minute from the Mirador de la Flor to the hotel.  When I went to go pay for the room, I noticed a picture of Selena hanging up to the left of the check out area.  I asked why that was there, and when the guy told me that I was staying at the hotel where the Reyna was taken from us, I almost took my money back and left, but it was late and I didn't have many more options.

I was curious to stay there though.  Would I feel Selena's presence?

The room was actually nice, I heard bad reviews of this hotel from other fans on YouTube, but I was surprised it was clean and had a big flat screen and nice bedding.  Our room faced the pool and pretty much faced directly across to room 501.  Someone was already staying in that room, so the door was open I had to go walk by, I was already there and my curiosity got the best of me.  I automatically regretted even getting close to that door.  I felt shaky and dizzy standing right by it You can feel the negative energy right away.  We took the same path back to our room that Selena did to her last breaths in the lobby. 

I tried sleeping as best I could that night.  The next morning we got all dressed up and headed out to the American bank center which was where the MAC Selena event was held.  So we end up waiting three hours in line just to get in.  It was worth it because they had decked out basically the entire convention center into a Selena makeup paradise.  It was awesome.

When we got done buying our makeup we had about three hours before all the performances happened so we decided to kill some time and squeeze some Selena stops in.  We decided to go visit the store in her old neighborhood where they have a painted tribute to her on the side of the stores wall.  The painting needs some touch ups.  He said the guy used to come all the time but hasn't in the last couple of years.  I took some pictures by it and admired it for a couple minutes. 

It was off to the next stop, the museum I wanted to go to the museum so bad, it was one of the reasons I came down.  It was unfortunately closed because of the MAC Selena event.  But I still rode by it and just stared at it for as long as I could, I took a picture by the bus stop in the front with a picture of Selena on it.  Just to be close to somewhere that those pretty dancing Selena feet walked many times was priceless for me.  It was time to head back at that point.  The makeup event lasted all day and went into the night, with live performances from prince royal and touching stories and words from Chris Perez and her beautiful sissy Suzette

We partied until about 11 pm just in awe that we were in her hometown surrounded by her fans and family and a beautifully very Selena approved decorated convention center.  We left and headed towards her boutique, I didn't care how late it was i had to just see it We rode by and stopped in the front to take pictures.  I had a little moment to myself at that building, just to know that store was her dream and to see how it is now just made me really upset.

We were so tired at this point so we decided to head to the north beach to go relax and think about how awesome this trip has been and try and look for another hotel one that's on the beach, I refused to stay at the navigation hotel again. I have a huge explorer so fortunately I was able to put my seats back and set up a little bed with pillows and blankets. I lifted up the back door and went and backed us in right on the beach and let the cool and windy Texas gulf air blow right over us as we got comfy on our truck palette. We ended up falling asleep in the truck on the beach and I wouldn't have had it any other way

I highly recommend going down there and just trying it.  It will heal your soul and give you the sweetest dreams.  Lucky for us it was cool enough to be comfortable back there and we didn't get messed with by the police or any scary night person We woke up in shock that we'd passed out and both had a good nights sleep, with my truck open all night and everything.

I think Selena helped us from above that night.

It was time to head back to Baton Rouge, so I gassed up and headed towards our last stop. Her grave.  It was easy to find seaside memorial but finding Selena is another thing

We drive around until we saw a worker and he pointed us out to her grave.  When we pulled up I was nervous, I didn't know how I would feel being next to my idols grave.  It was actually very peaceful, you can feel the ocean air and hear distant sea gulls chirping.  Her grave is beautiful Her signature is on it and on a little bench behind her face statue.

I touched her grave and said my prayers for her.

The drive out of corpus Christi was sad but beautiful.  Selena is my idol, this trip was full of adventure and I felt so close to her.  She loved her city and I was so happy to be able to have sent there and been apart of the Mac Selena reveal.

I will definitely be going back very soon.  I didn't get to go to the museum because it was closed for the event, but next time that's going to be my first stop. 

Seimpre Selena Corpus Christi 2016

XOXOXO Lauren A. Fisher and my road buddy, Maya A. Lang.




My Selena fingernails



Lauren at Mirador de la Flor

Maya and Lauren

Selena MAC

Selena MAC

Selena MAC

Final Resting Place

Final Resting Place

Selena MAC